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SISTEMA Medium Microwave-Safe Soup Mug (Assorted)

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Product Description

This wonderful mug from SISTEMA is a must-have for quick reheating purposes that you will love for sure! It' a great way to quickly get your food ready fast and easily!
  • Storage Instruction : As per the Packaging
  • Safety Warnings : As per packaging
  • Warranty : As per the Packaging
  • Features :
    • Available in colors of: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple - the 1 available will be shipped
    • This mug is ideal for soup, stews, noodles, and hot drinks
    • It's portable and can hold your food while you go to school, the office, or even reheat at home
    • You can easily heat up the contents in the microwave and then eat or drink it straight from the mug
    • It's absolutely phthalate & BPA free
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