Expat Life: Tips on teaching your kids about your culture & traditions

You probably are familiar with the term “ Third Culture Kids“ by now. Well if you’re not, this term refers to children raised in a culture other than their parents or the culture on their passports. With expatriation being common all over the word, a lot families can end up raising their children in multiple cultures. So, we asked our resident moms (and dads) how do they keep their home culture traditions alive when abroad?


“One of the simplest things I do is expose them to our indigenous culture. Bringing that to the household through books & movies has really helped them see more of it and accept it to a point where they are even speaking their mother tongue now with ease!”


“My household is a traditional one, everything from how we dress to what we celebrate and even how it is decorated. By doing that, I’m also giving myself a chance to have a conversation with my children about the culture.”


“It all boils down to one thing really, I make sure to keep the traditions alive by just never letting them die out. We celebrate every holiday, no matter how small.”


“I always remind them through simple stories of my memories about their home country. Also, by going home to visit family whenever possible, we make sure to bring back some traditions that we practice regularly in the motherland to make sure we always have a sense of familiarity with home.”


“In our house the rule is to ensure that everyone is grounded first and foremost. We try not to put pressure on ourselves to get everything right but we definitely try when we can to have a taste from home.”



“We try to stay in contact with family members who are back home as much as possible. The conversation usually ends up being about our culture, heritage and family traditions. We’re big on celebrating life back home.”


“I usually make more of a fuss on special occasions. You should really see Diwali in our house! We go all-out keeping all the things that are familiar and then adding our own touch to it as well.”


“I’m really grateful for technology on this one, video calls with my family are almost on a daily basis. I also always find myself singing the same songs as they do for the baby, and actually replicating the things I loved as a kid back home.”


“If you can, try to practice your culture through taste, touch and sound with them as much as possible when abroad. It can be in the form of a traditional dish or just watching a traditional ceremony on a video. Every little thing counts.”


“We sure take pride in pointing out and making a big deal of everything home-country related. National holidays, celebrations of national accomplishments. These types of things. It has really helped keep the culture alive.”