Real Parent Hacks: How to encourage good reading habits in kids

Encouraging children to read has been a challenge as long as there have been kids and books. Reading is essential to intellectual development. So the earlier it takes root as a habit, the better your child will be at comprehending complex ideas and communicating with others effectively. We asked a few of our resident Moms (and Dads) about how they encourage their child(ren) to read. 


“One way that always worked for me was reading next to him and asking him to join in. We also create our own reward system for reading using page numbering and the number of books, too.”


“We make an event out of going to the bookstore and picking out something new to read for the coming week. It’s a great way to get them involved in the fun of exploring new stories.”


“The trick is to not make it feel like a chore and to never treat it like a punishment. Don’t pull them away from the TV and force them to read. Entice them to read through story games and things like that.”


“I’ve been reading to my babies ever since they were in my belly. By reading a lot to them I always remind them of the importance of staying hungry to learn.”


“We try to ‘read by example.’ My wife and I are both avid readers. Especially on long plane rides back home. Kids learn by example. So give them plenty of exposure to your love for reading.”


“We try to read to my daughter for at least 30 minutes each day. It’s done wonders for my little one’s vocabulary and comprehension.”


“In our household, we have set a time to read each day. And every Sunday of each week goes to them choosing their book for that week.”


“By compromising. The secret that worked for me was to get them to read on their iPads. It’s not ideal, but there was no point in fighting it… they still get to learn in the end.”


“It started with me reading books to them and having them follow me and soon enough it changed to them picking their own books to read.”


“Reading with my kids every night. And don’t worry about what kind of book it is, baby books are great learning tools. They’re the steppingstones to bigger, more elaborate pieces of literature.”


“Being an avid reader myself, I’ve had to revamp my taste in children’s books. But once I did that, I found that the best authors and illustrators of children’s books aim to please their grown-up audience, too.”