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CLIPPASAFE Sliding Door & Window Blocks - 2 Pieces Per Pack (Brass)

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Product Description

If you have sliding doors and windows at your place, then this Clippasafe Sliding Door & Window Blocks - 2 Pieces/Pack (Brass) by CLIPPASAFE is what you should get. This is a... Read More
  • Brand : Clippasafe
  • Included in Package : 2 x Sliding Door and Window Blocks
  • Safety Warnings : This device limits the opening of sliding doors and windows but cannot ensure complete security. Replace the device if any part is broken or missing. Check the device regularly to confirm serviceability.
  • Warranty : No Warranty
  • Features :
    • Blocks for sliding doors and windows
    • Prevents little children from going out without adult supervision
    • Can be easily attached and gives access only to adults
    • Set of two blocks that comes with an allen key to fit them
    • Made completely from good quality metal
    • Fully safe and free from harmful chemicals
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