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Mom Talk

Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself and her baby.. Come celebrate the joys & advantages of breastfeeding your little one with these tips and tricks to help you overcome any challenges..

Breastfeeding at Home

While at home using a Nursing pillow ensures optimal comfort for you and your baby.

Nursing Pillows

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Out & About

A nursing cover is always handy for feeding your baby on-the-go! Alternatively with Ergobaby carriers breastmilk production is boosted due close contact with baby, whilst allowing mum to breastfeed when out.

Covers & Carriers

  1. PLAYTEX Maternity Nursing Bra
    PLAYTEX Maternity Nursing Bra
    AED 140.00 AED 199.00

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Mum's Night Out

Mum's can now have a peaceful night to themselves or with her friends.
Breastmilk can be reheated instantly using the bain-marie function of the Bib'expresso.

Breastfeeding Accessories

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